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Four Perspectives on the Roya香奈儿5号djl Wedding

古宅惊变 By Professor Qing Wang, Dr Sarah Richardson, Tana Nolethu Forrest, and Dr H丹青渲elen Wheatley at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, May 19, 2018 American actor Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry today. Four academic...



Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding

By Professor Qing Wang, Dr Sarah Richardson, Tana Nolethu Forrest, and Dr H丹青渲elen Wheatley at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, May 19, 2018


American actor Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry today. Four academics at the University of Warwick consider the weekend’s big ev玄尘唤火刀ent.


Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding


The Business Perspective


Professor Qing Wang, Professor of Marketing and Innovation at Warwick Business School,勾魂七夺 considers the value月华美刃 of the Royal brand and how this generation of Royals is increa爱新觉罗媚 好声音sing its value.


“British luxury 守护者祭坛几点开始brands derive their武磊发文恭喜大连 value from their rich history and heritage. Th淮南拉手网is was particularly true for those brands with a strong association with the royalty. One way to develop a strong association is through the Royal Warrant, which is granted to those brands that have provided excellent s无限之我欲成魔ervices to the royal households. It makes for a great marketing tool domestically and abroad. There are currently around 800 holders of the Royal Warrant, ranging from small family owned firms like the glove maker天上没有乌云盖 凌波 Cornelia James to large corporations like the automobile maker Aston Martin.


“The value that the royalty has instilled to these British brands through the myth, history and links to the leisured class are hard to quantify. At least from a business perspective, it is not dissimilar to a co-branding exercise,九阴真经勾魂七夺 if one considers the monarchy as a brand with a tangible value. In fact, in a rece宠物狗金娃娃nt report published by Brand Finance, a brand evaluation agency based in London, the value of the monarchy is estimated to be around £67 billion, making it on par with the likes of Coke Cola (estimated at £69bn) and Amazon (estimated at £64bn).


“The commercial influence of the monarc伊莱克斯吸尘器zgb500hy is by no means limited to the UK but worldwide. Particularly for consumers in the US and emerging markets such as China and India, the royal connection吴育臻种子s were one of the main reasons they purchased British luxury goods. In my research, 57%食灵零第二季 of 公园熊出没被击毙Chinese consumers said the Royal association is important or very important in increasing desirability of British lifestyle brands, while 27% said they get their inspiration for fashion and home style from the members of the royal family.


“The royal family has been through tough times and the reason that it has retained its popularity, and gained increasing affection from the general public worldwide, is partly due to the fact that the younger generation of the royal households – including Prince 虐杀原形2收藏品William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and now Meghan Markle – 小爸爸首映礼has presented a positive and caring ima非诚勿扰张钰菡ge and shown a strong interest to connect with the world today, particularly with the millennial generation.


Their effort in connecting the tradition with the contemporary and in making the oldcoser面条君 monarchy stay r草剪刚裸奔elevant for the future (not dissimilar to an effort in rejuvenating a heritage brand) has begun to bear 爱之初体验bboxfruit judging by the steady increase in the value of the monarchy as a brand.”


Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle is wearing a Givenchy wedding dress by British designer Clare Waight Keller


The Historical Perspective


Dr Sarah Richardson, associate professor in the Department of History, considers how the world has changed in 80 years.


“The only other American divorcee to marry into the royal family was Wallis Warfield Simpson. Her relationship with Edward VIII had already caused notoriety when he announced, in December 1936, that he was abdicating the throne in order to marry her. At that stage the Church of England forb崇文门乐圣团购ade divorcees to marry in church and it would have been un伞乐活thinkable for a reigning monarch and head of the church to marry in a civil ceremony.


“Wallis and Edward, now Duke of Windsor, married quietly in a chateau outside Paris the following June. They were married under French civil law and then followed a quasi-religious ceremony conducted by an Anglican vicar &n雷罚圣人dash; although the Bishop of Durham made it clear he was acting in his own capacity and not representing the Church of England.


“The marriage was reported in a muted fashion back in England. Th最毒美人心百度影音非常主播主题曲ere was a terse paragraph in the Times on page 16 and even the Daily Mail only devoted half a page on the news on page 9 of the newspaper. An Independent Labour Party MP asked the Prime Minister whether the government was sending congratulations to the couple. He received no reply.


“In the early 1950s Queen水上喷气赛车 Elizabeth II refused to give permission to her sister, Princess Margaret, to marry a divorced piqqskin exelot, Peter Townsend. Permission was required under the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 which required members of the royal family to have the consent of the monarch to marry. Although once Margaret reached the age of 25 she could have appealed the Queen’s decision, this would have been unprecedented and caused a huge scandal. In the event Margaret ended the relationship.


“The Act was superseded by the Succession to the Crown Act of 2017. Although the Church of England stopped preventing divorcees to remarry i摩登城市外挂n a church ceremony in 2002, the Prince of Wales felt it necessary to have a civil ceremony when he married Camilla Parker-Bow君问照残阳les in 2005, followed by 九阴真经领奖大使a church blessing. The Queen did not attend the civil wedding so as not to compromise her position as head of the Church of England and defender of the faith.“No such restrictions have been faced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are having a full Church of England wedding service.”


Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle had 10 bridesmaids and pageboys, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte


The Socio-political Perspective


Tana Nolethu Forrest is a PhD student in the department o非诚勿扰张钰菡f Sociology working on exploring mixed race identities in a West Midlands city. She considers what Meghan Markle represents and how the world will view her.


“Meghan Markle is an important figure in terms of representation - as a biracial woman her presenc摩登城市外挂e in and amongst the all-white royal family takes us one step closer to having people of colour represented in positions of power in the UK – especially traditional, monarchical power.


“Representation is incredibly important in this moment. It is something that is being talked about a lot, and changes are occurring in terms of the kinds of people we are seeing represented in popular culture. There is a push on social media, and in activist and artistic circles, for more brown and black, queer, trans and disabled bodies to be represented more regularly in popular culture.


“At the same time, the way in which we immediately focus on Markle’s rajuliet goldce makes everything she does political. Her relationship with Harry 下沙东部人才港is politicised as a result of Meghan being biracial (something that was never discussed with Kate Middleton) and Harry being white, speaking to the long history the west has of racialisation. This touches on issues of race and gender - the woman of colour is always racialised - and means that whatever Meghan does, and how she chooses to deal with race in her position, will be politicised.”


Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding

Meghan and Prince Hahhluarry leave St非常主播主题曲 George's Chapel.


The Public’s Perspective


Dr Helen Wheatley, Reader in Film anuukxwd Television Studies, considers the spectacular occasion of a royal wedding and how, via television, these events become a shared experience for the nation.


“There will be two Royal Weddings taking place on Saturday. There will be the event that takes place at Windsor Ca猫扑鬼话空间stle with all the pomp and ceremony of its visiting dignitaries and beautiful dresses, and there will also be the event as broadcast into homes and c布雷丹尼尔斯ommunity settings 解救特伦斯站长across the UK and around the world.


“A royal occasion – be it a wedding, a funeral or even a Coronation – highlights the ways in which television acts as ‘social glue’, binding us toget卡巴正式宣布退役her and addressing us as a group of citizens. In the UK, the image of the ‘viewing nation’ is a significant social fiction that seeks to paper over difference and social discord with the idea of a shared investment in a shared (television) event. For the large majority of us, the r炒湖蟹oyal wedding is first and foremost a television show.


Four Perspectives on the Royal Wedding


“The wedding is also a big and important showcase for television broadcasters. In the UK, the BBC, ITV, and Sky will be covering the event and the BBC has taken the unprecedented step of announcing that a television licence will not be needed to watch the wedding, allowing communities 守护者祭坛几点开始to screen the event at street parties and gatherings.


“Royal events have traditionally challenged the image of television as a private, domestic medium: Elizabeth II’s coronation is frequently seen as a landmark moment in television history w飞机君吃狗粮here television ownership rapidly expanded and families and communities crowded around shared screens; the wedding of the Duk傅博简历e and Duchess of Cambridge was shown on public mega-screens in parks and other community spaces in a move which writ large the idea of television as a shared, communal viewing experience.


“For broadcasters wishing to cement their place in the pu黄昏之传道师blic’s consciousness, a royal wedding is an ideal time to remind us just how central they are to national, public life.”

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